January’s CBTG Player of the Month – Jason Mills

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We are pleased to announce that the first recipient of ClearBlue’s Player of the Month is Jason Mills, a construction manager who has worked with the company since 2012. Jason was selected by crew members due to his dedication, initiative and willingness to go the extra mile. Executive Vice President, Jamie Wolkove, notes that his “dedication to the job, attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate with his team and our customers is second to none.”

What are his Strengths?

When asked to reflect on his own strengths, Jason says that he has the distinct ability to take on new projects, decipher what tasks need to be performed, and meet customers’ specifications, satisfaction and timelines. And the biggest challenge he encounters? Dealing with new people on each job and making sure he understands each of their needs.

Juggling the Needs of Clients

According to Jason, every client has their own perspective, objective and needs. Effectively managing all three aspects is crucial to completing the work effectively and on time. Since personalities and needs vary, it’s important to listen to customers and to devise alternative solutions to meet common goals.

Handling a Variety of Projects

Jason thoroughly enjoys the variety of projects at ClearBlue. Since the company has a diverse roster of partners and clients, employees need to hone new skill sets regularly. “One week, you could be working for Bell on their wireless network; the next, excavating and building a Tesla supercharging station.” He adds that it is exciting to work at the forefront of the industry and to be given the opportunity to participate in new projects all the time.

ClearBlue is a Great Place to Work

Upon learning that he was ClearBlue’s inaugural recipient, Jason said it was “truly an honour to work for a company that takes the time to acknowledge the daily efforts of their team members. He states that, “this is just one of the many reasons that makes ClearBlue a great place to work.”

The Winner Receives

The Player of the Month receives a $75 gift card of their choice. Other perks include getting to proudly wear or display the CBTG Golden Hard Hat for the month and being featured on LinkedIn and our website. Any employee chosen three times within a year wins a $500 cash bonus. Oh, and every winner gets exclusive bragging rights, of course.

A Leading Technology and Construction Partner

ClearBlue is a technology, construction and integration expert helping a range of high-profile businesses. To do this, the company employs talented and self-motivated people like Jason Mills. ClearBlue has built a solid reputation for quality work by taking the time to understand the needs and goals of clients. It all starts with hiring the right people for the job. Check out our current opportunities to see if you’re a fit for our amazing culture.

Stay tuned for February’s winner!

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