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For close to a decade, ClearBlue Technologies Group has been a respected leader in the wireless space. We’ve helped organizations run seamless Wi-Fi systems so that they can operate efficiently, grow, and avoid the frustrations often associated with weak or lost connections.

Our wireless division is a huge part of our service offering, and we’re adept at replacing antiquated systems with an advanced, connected and reliable wireless infrastructure. We can help you plan, build, implement and maintain wireless solutions across the board.

Wireless Services

ClearBlue uses the best technology to enable wireless functionality. We install and maintain Wi-Fi kiosks that allow businesses to run with optimal efficiency in both indoor and outdoor environments. We have built cell towers and handled immersive upgrades to wireless systems and networks, including adapting them from 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and now implementing 5G technologies and capabilities across North America.

By removing hardwire equipment, ClearBlue can provide versatile solutions that will make your communication systems more reliable and maximize your return on investment.

Our solutions include: auditing your Wi-Fi infrastructure, completing site surveys and inspections, installing and maintaining a thorough Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure and facilitating traffic to your Wi-Fi network.

Network Services Solutions

You need connectivity and a reliable service to run your business or to achieve customer satisfaction. Wireless communication is so ingrained into everyday life that a single poor connection can jeopardize your service commitments.

Our network services include: small-scale network improvements, large-scale network improvement, ongoing technical support, emergency technical support.

Tower Services

Tower services and wireless communications are intertwined, and ClearBlue has a wealth of experience in this area. As part of our wireless offering, we can provide solutions for deploying cellular and wireless tower maintenance, decommissioning, tower and technology inspections and improvement audits.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for driven, experienced and talented people to join our team in the positions of tower climbers, tower construction, wireless service technicians and in-office management. Review our careers page to learn about our job openings or to contact us.

If you’re looking for a wireless solutions provider that will deliver per your project specifications, then consider ClearBlue. Our dedicated team of project managers, support staff, and certified professionals can get the job done.


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