We’ve Expanded our Electrical Division

 In Telecommunications, Wireless, wireline

Supporting each ClearBlue division has always been our electrical expertise. As a result, we are investing more resources into growing our ability to offer electrical services so that we can manage your project from A-Z with the utmost efficiency and with minimal outside interference.

We pride ourselves on reliable installation and maintenance services that are high-quality and cost-effective. From built-in communications to off-grid applications to project management, we are hands-on during every phase to ensure that all key milestones are met.

Telecommunications, Industrial and Commercial Construction

ClearBlue has always had one in-house electrician working closely with each division. Over the years, as projects have become more layered and complex, we recognize that it is imperative to scale our team of electricians and electrical support staff.

Whether we are constructing or decommissioning a digital billboard or providing technology solutions to build a wireless or wireline network, having the ability to manage electrical services in-house will streamline projects and ensure a more rapid and efficient delivery.

Turnkey Solutions Including Electrical Services

With our expanded electrical service offerings, ClearBlue has designed turnkey solutions to meet your needs. This now includes all electrical services being provided by a team of in-house electricians, including two master electricians and apprentices, regardless of the size and scope of the project. This will allow us to focus more on your projects and less on project management.

Each division requires an extensive electrical component. One example of this is how our team built several state-of-the-art Tesla supercharging stations, including the ones at Vaughan Mills, 60% of which required advanced electrical work.

Committed to your Success

At ClearBlue, we are committed to the success of our customers and partners. As your needs change, we change with you. Throughout this evolution, our team continues to provide the same safe and proficient work that our clients have come to expect and rely on—within the same reasonable timelines.

We’re excited by the prospect of offering electrical services performed exclusively in-house, and to bring our exemplary skill, professionalism and quality to your projects. Learn more about our divisions and our adherence to quality and safety.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your electrical needs.




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