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People often mistake us for being your average telecommunication and networking company. The truth is that ClearBlue Technologies Group has four divisions: Media & Street Furniture, Civil & Electrical, Wireless, and Wireline. We are a ground-breaking company on the cutting-edge of a networking revolution and the latest technologies.

ClearBlue is a critical service provider that integrates technology and construction. Part of this is our ability to plan and execute complex media and street furniture projects.

What is Street Furniture? 

Since working for Bell and Rogers, ClearBlue has evolved beyond wireless solutions to meet the growing technological needs of large companies and demanding consumers. A big part of this was the emergence of our Media & Street Furniture Division.

Street furniture is an umbrella term that refers to pieces of equipment that adorn public streets for a variety of purposes. This can include bus shelters, displays or digital kiosks. They typically have a digital component, usually for advertising or communication purposes.

The goal of this division was to help organizations solve a frustrating problem. Historically, they were forced to hire two companies for these types of projects: one to construct the street furniture, and one to install the technology. Now, all they must do is contact us @ 416-738-5185.

Our street furniture solutions include digital LED displays, digital billboards, digital kiosks, time and temperature signs, integrate and commission technology, process planning and site consulting, project management and oversight, and ongoing maintenance.

ClearBlue Media Projects

ClearBlue works on a ton of projects that people experience in the real world. We have the knowledge, expertise and talent to pull off every phase of a media project, including planning, project management, installation, fabrication and permitting. In addition, ClearBlue commissions and de-commissions digital billboards, bus shelters, and digital kiosks, and handles all IoT solutions and general construction.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Outfront & Pattison. We’re proud of the fact that so many people can witness and experience our work across Ontario!

Turnkey Solution 

For over eight years, ClearBlue has provided turnkey solutions to complex networking, technological and constructions projects, including media & street furniture. This means we take responsibility for every step of a project, reducing the time commitment and stress associated with these multifaceted projects.

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