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ClearBlue Technologies Group offers industry-leading civil and electrical services that handle every step of complex projects. By doing so, our clients can rest assured that our process will hit every key milestone and deliverable without the stress typically associated with these projects.

Our Civil and Electrical Division, including an in-house construction team, applies its years of experience to ensure success. Our approach is built on a customer-first mentality because our work doesn’t matter if our customers aren’t satisfied.

Learn more about our civil and electrical offering and some of the projects we’re proud to have completed.

Civil and Electrical Services Provided

In the field of civil and electrical engineering, we are experienced and thorough project managers, coordinators, technicians and builders whose accumulated skills can see a project from inception to successful completion.

ClearBlue offers the following services: EV charging installations and maintenance, large-scale deployments, solar carports and canopies, concrete and electrical construction and digital signage installation.

Our electrical services include HVAC, Telco Service and backup power systems installations, CATS and 6 Data cabling and testing.

Project Samples

ClearBlue is an integrated technology and construction company. This means that we handle every aspect of a project while providing first-rate customer service. Over the years, we’ve worked on a wealth of civil and electrical projects across North America on major brands.

ClearBlue is Tesla’s largest commercial contracting partner nation-wide. ClearBlue delivered an important project: the building of 13 Super Charging Stations, one of which is located at one of Ontario’s busiest shopping centres, Vaughan Mills. It’s been incredibly rewarding to apply our advanced civil and electrical talents and expertise to make a positive real-world impact with sustainability.

The demands of civil and electrical work require top of the line talent, an adherence to safety (we proudly carry a zero-incident report) and a hands-on, thorough approach toward planning and execution. Traditionally, organizations had to hire different companies to engineer, construct and even manage large-scale civil and electrical work. Now, they simply need to reach out to our specialized division who can provide stress-free turnkey solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our civil and electrical abilities or to discuss your next project.

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