April’s CBTG Player of the Month – Alex Mowers

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At ClearBlue Technologies Group, we are fortunate enough to have a variety of skilled and highly motivated team members that have helped us develop into a leading technology construction company. One of those valued members is field technician Alex Mowers, who is April’s Player of the Month!

Executive Vice President, Jamie Wolkove, says Alex is “the definition of a team player. Though he started with minimal industry experience, he has devoted himself to learning on the job—showing up early and staying late. He’s always looking to help out and he’s always smiling!”


What Are Your Strengths?

Alex may be new to the telecommunications industry, but what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in drive, determination and a willingness to learn. The fact that Alex is new in the industry works in his favour. He credits his ability to learn and think quickly on his feet for helping him excel during his short time at CBTG. Additionally, he cites comfort with hands-on work and heights as critical components to his success as a field technician.

What Challenges Does Your Job Present?

Every job comes with challenges, for both rookies and grizzled veterans alike. For a field technician like Alex, one of the first challenges he faces is the weather. He states, “Weather conditions can alter our work conditions. This can make things challenging, to say the least” he says. Another challenge? Being the new guy in a very technical field. “Not initially having much experience in the field, there’s been a lot to learn,” he says.

As he gains more experience each day, Alex credits his fellow technicians and teammates for helping him get a leg up. “I have a lot of experienced teammates on my crew,” he says. “They help me overcome any challenges I encounter on the job, while supporting and mentoring me on different projects.”

What Do You Like Best About Working At ClearBlue Technologies Group?

Not surprisingly, Alex is a big fan of his colleagues. He’s got a great team to work with and learn from. He also enjoys the wide variety of projects that he contributes to. “Working across four divisions is a great challenge, and this helps expand my skillset and knowledge,” he says.

Another perk of the job? “The heights,” Alex says. Working high up is not for everyone, but in this line of work, it is crucial. CBTG is lucky to have a teammate like Alex ready to tackle the toughest jobs. 

What The Winner Receives

As ClearBlue Technologies’ Player of the month, Alex will receive a $75 gift card of his choice. He’ll also get to sport CBTG’s Golden Hard Hat this month, bragging rights and all. To recognize Alex’s accomplishment, he’ll be featured on both the company’s website and LinkedIn page. Any employee chosen as Player of the Month three times will receive a prize of $500!

A Leading Technology and Construction Partner  

ClearBlue Technologies Group is an innovative technology and construction firm providing energy efficient services to high-profile companies across the continent. CBTG has built an excellent reputation for providing top-quality work while catering to clients’ needs. To do this, CBTG needs excellent people. On that note, check out CBTG’s careers page to see if you’d be a great fit with this terrific team!

Stay tuned for May’s winner!

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